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Twin Ports Hot Tub Rental is proud to announce service in the Duluth/Superior area and surrounding cities in MN/WI.
Renting an outdoor hot tub allows you to have a unique party that will make great memories. 
There’s no need to worry about the set-up and take-down. We do all the work for you so you can spend time relaxing with your guests. 
We deliver our hot tubs to your doorstep and our rental prices are extremely competitive. 
Ask about discounts for repeat customers and multiple day rentals. *Winter rentals are not available at this time. 
For help with any of the following:
  • Reservations
  • Inquiries 
  • Website Issues 
Just go to our Contact Page where you will find several means of contacting a representative.

Available Addons


"Fairy" Lights (led chain)   $25
Battery Operated 
Floating LED Globes (6)   $25
Battery Operated 
Submersible Lightshow   $35
Battery Operated 
Tinted Water   $10
Pink, Blue, Green 
Tiki Torches (6 attached)   $25
Fuel included! 
Party Themed Decor   $50
Luau, Halloween, Etc... 
10'x20' Party Shelter

Has sides if needed or wanted! 
 Don't let rain ruin your fun! 
12 Reasons To Rent


Company Party

Birthday Party


Sporting Events


Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Annual Events


Tail Gating


Just for FUN